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Schoengold & Sporn advocates on behalf of injured investors and consumers. Since 1962, the firm has specialized in securities and consumer class actions and other complex litigation.

Our clients have ranged from large institutions to individual shareholders. In recent years, the firm served as Lead Counsel on behalf of institutional and individual investors in the Harmonic, Nicor, Westar, SPX and PNC Financial cases, recovering over $140 million. Additionally, we represented a certified class representative in the WorldCom class action in which $6.13 billion was recovered, one of the largest securities fraud settlements of all time.

We have also litigated on behalf of consumers in cases against manufacturers and service providers in the automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and financial industries.

The firm recently was co-lead counsel in a record breaking nationally certified consumer class action settlement entitled Dewey et al and Delguercio et al vs. Volkswagen and Audi, et al in the District Court of New Jersey, 07 cv 02249 and 07 cv 2361, which settlemt was approved by the District Court in July 2010 valued at $69 million and covered a 12 year class period for over 80 car models.

Two objector firms have appealed, and those appeals and Plantiffs' and Defendants' cross-appeals are now before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Federal courts throughout the country have long noted the firm's experience and ability in complex securities litigation.

In Maley v. Del Global Technologies Corp., 00-CV-8495 (S.D.N.Y.), a case in which Schoengold & Sporn acted as Sole Lead Counsel, Judge McMahon commended the firm for "going the extra mile" in obtaining a settlement representing approximately 41% of the maximum recoverable damages..."Class Counsel have secured a settlement fund which confers an excellent benefit to the Class...I can't ever remember having participated as a lawyer or a judge in a settlement of a securities fraud class action that yielded in excess of a forty percent rate of recovery."

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